Tomato Nabe - Hot Pot Recipe

Tomato Nabe - Hot Pot Recipe

Nabe is a type of Japanese hot pot, served primarily during the cold winter months. Aside from being the original one pot meal, these warming dishes are the ultimate communal dining experience.

It is quite common for a portable stove with a clay pot (or an electric skillet) to be sat in the middle of the dinner table. The diners add meat and vegetables to the bubbling broth and pull them out when they’re ready to eat.

It’s delicious AND a whole ton of fun!


  • 1 lbs boneless and skinless chicken thigh
  • 8 small sausages
  • ¼ lbs cabbage
  • 2 small potato
  • 1 pack of shimeji mushrooms
  • 3 cups of diced tomatoes
  • 3 cups chicken broth
  • 1 tsp minced garlic
  • Pinch of Parmesan
  • Pinch of basil


  1. Cut chicken and potatoes into bite size pieces. Place diagonal cuts in sausages. Cut the ends of shimeji mushrooms.
  2. Place broth, minced garlic, potatoes and diced tomatoes in deep pan and set skillet to 470℉.
  3. Once boiled, add chicken, sausages, cabbage and shimeji mushrooms
  4. Once complete, serve in bowl and sprinkle Parmesan and basil for preference


Servings: 3-4


Recipe courtesy of Tiger Corporation USA




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