Quality Selection For Your Kitchen And Home

Good food, good home, good life.

At Sampoyoshi, we select quality products from around the world to bring them into our Canadian homes.

We carry several established Japanese brands, known for their history and craftsmanship quality. Our goal is to bring forth a fusion of superior product design, functionality and longevity.


A Japanese Philosophy.

Developed during the Shogunate era (1185 to 1868), Sampoyoshi traces its origins to merchants in Omi, an ancient province in central Japan that is now called the Shiga Prefecture. Due to merchants’ inherent contributions to the community, the Shogun permitted them to promote commerce in Omi.

Sampoyoshi is a valuable idea even in the context of modern society. The ‘three-way satisfaction’ means that what benefits you, should ultimately also benefit your relationships and society at large. True business is good for the seller, good for the buyer, and good for society. We inspire to reflect upon this philosophy with our product selection and service. Sampoyoshi!