Oatmeal Brûlée

Oatmeal Brûlée

It's nearly the weekend, the weather has been miraculously superb and we think we all deserve to treat ourselves with some homemade dessert to celebrate all of this! If you have a sweet tooth, make sure you give this simple breakfast recipe with a fancy (and a sweet) twist a go!


NOTE: This recipe is NOT SUITABLE for the IH Pressure Rice Cookers (NP-HTC10/18, NP-NVC10/18 models)


Ingredients (for 4 servings):


- 1 cup (rice cooker’s measuring cup) steel cut oats

- Water to fill to water level 1 for "STEEL CUT OATMEAL," or 2-1/2 cups (rice cooker’s measuring cup)

- 1 cup (rice cooker’s measuring cup) half & half


To Garnish:

- 3-4 Tbsp. light brown sugar 

- Fruits of your choice

- Mint leaves


*You will need 4 small heat resistant soup bowls.




1 - Measure steel cut oats accurately using the rice cooker’s measuring cup and place them in the inner cooking pan. Add water to the corresponding water level for “STEEL CUT OATMEAL,” or as listed in the ingredients.


2 -  Place the inner cooking pan in the main body of the rice cooker and plug in the unit. Start the cooking process by selecting the "STEEL CUT OATMEAL" (if available), or the “PORRIDGE” setting.


3 - When cycle is completed, open the lid, add half & half and stir using the rice spatula until the contents are mixed well. Pour the mixture into heat resistant soup bowls.


4 - Divide light brown sugar evenly among the serving bowls and sprinkle on top of the oatmeal. Make sure to spread evenly with a spoon. With the help of a torch or oven broiler, melt the sugar to form a crispy and a caramelized top.


5 - For extra fanciness and taste, slice your favorite fruits and add them on top of the oatmeal, accompanied by mint leaves. Enjoy your deliciously sweet breakfast or your warm dessert after your meal!



Recipe courtesy of Zojirushi America Corporation




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